Where are my manners?

I’m sure I left them around here somewhere…

I just realised that, although I wrote a post welcoming you to my site that directed you to my ‘About’ page for info about my writing, I forgot to properly introduce myself.

So, my name is Thomas and I live in Dumbarton, a small town about thirty miles from Glasgow, Scotland. I am married and we have one daughter and two cats. To my wife and most of my family, writing is just that weird thing that Thomas does. But that’s a topic for another day.

My first memories of writing stories are from primary school, when I was about 8 or 9. We would be given creative writing exercises and I loved the idea of losing myself in a world of my own creation. My teacher at the time (I believe it was Mrs. Betts) encouraged me to keep on writing, believing that I had a vivid imagination and a desire to use it.

The first story that I remember writing outwith school was the eponymous tale, entitled “Mitre”, about a dog from another planet. I wrote it on plain, white A4, in landscape, and included crudely drawn pictures of the hero pup. That’s really the only story I remember writing from that time.

However, when I was a teenager I was introduced to the work of Stephen King and continued to greatly enjoy the creative writing exercises in secondary school (Dumbarton Academy, class of 2000) and this was when I began trying to write longer stories. My problem then, as it probably is now, is that I lacked direction and focus. I had at least two folders full of story ideas. But whenever I tried to write one of the stories, I would get a couple of pages in and then not know where to take the story. The only story I remember finishing was a crime story regarding a police unit who are targeted by a deranged criminal. Sure, it sounds like it could’ve been something, but I remember very clearly the scene where members of this unit had to disarm a bomb by cutting coloured wires in the order of the colours of the rainbow. Not to mention my first attempt at a “love” scene where two of the officers walked upstairs to the bedroom, and “they didn’t come out again until the following morning”. Hey! Keep rolling your eyes like that and they’ll fall right out of your head!

Anyway, I was one of those kids who dreamed about being a writer, without knuckling down and actually writing. It annoyed me that I had all these ideas and couldn’t form a single book out of any of them. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I realised there were still places that published short stories and why the Hell didn’t I give that a shot?

So, here we are. There is more to the story of my first short story acceptance (which never came to fruition – again, a story for another time) and the stories published since (which you will find listed in the ‘Fiction’ section, all three of them) and my writing life up to this point, all subjects for future posts.

So, now you have an idea of who I am. If you would like to connect then please click on one of the social media links at the foot of the homepage and say hi. I’m on social media far too much these days so you will find me there. Or email me.

I should probably put a link to my email on the site somewhere, right?

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!


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Welcome to my latest Work In Progress, which is writing-related, if not actually writing. There is a short bio in the ‘About’ section and an even shorter list of my short-stories that have been published (including links where available) in the ‘Fiction’ section. I am working on adding more stories to that last list, so please bear with me. And I’ll be adding more content to this site as and when I have the time to work on it so please check back sometime!

Thanks, you rock!


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